The conference organizer reserves the right to change the dates, place and format and shall be relieved of any refund or compensation obligations where the performance of the conference is prevented or affected by reason of circumstances which amount to “force majeure”. Such circumstances include but are not limited to natural disasters, riots, terrorist activity, war, epidemic and all similar situations beyond the organizer’s control.

会议主办方有权因不可抗力因素更改会议时间、地点及举办方式。如果会议举办受到 “不可抗力”的影响,会议主办方将不承担任何退款或赔偿责任。此类情况包括但不限于自然灾害、动乱、恐怖活动、战争、疫情和所有不受主办方控制的类似事件。

Content will be submitted to the indexing databases for indexing. As indexing services are independent organizations, the conference organizer cannot guarantee that any abstract or index entry will be included in any particular database.


Submission and registration must be managed using the officially authorized channels (online system, email address) published on this website. Regular consultation can be carried out through WeChat Group(published on the website). Registration process notification will be sent through Please do not trust any non-official contacts. If you receive any suspicious call, text message, email or notice any suspicious website, please report to us immediately. The conference organizer accepts no responsibility for any losses caused by unauthorized third party.

大会从未指定且不承认任何非官方投稿注册渠道,请参会者认准大会官网指定的渠道投稿;日常咨询可以通过官方网站公布的微信群进行; 论文通知与注册流程将由大会官方邮箱以邮件形式进行通知,切勿相信任何第三方投稿平台或通过非官网认可渠道缴纳注册费,否则,造成的任何财产或经济损失均由个人承担;如有任何非官方人员联系您,请勿泄露您的论文及个人信息并及时与我们取得联系。